Manfred Schill

Consultant details

Manfred Schill
Backoffice / Managing Director

Commercial coordinator and controller for all European Stars & Friends agencies and passionate soccer fan – the perfect interface between sports and business.

– FREDI – He is Stars & Friends’ “Europe Manager”, dealing not so much with player and club contacts but with the vast Stars & Friends company network. Fredi is the managing director of all European Stars & Friends units and an old friend of Jürgen’s. Back in the 1980s, he used to play with SK VÖEST Linz for 12 years and ended his soccer career with Casino Austria Salzburg. After that, Fredi honed his business skills at one of the leading companies of the lighting industry, where he advanced to the management level as a Sales Manager and was responsible for internal organization and human resources. When his old friend Jürgen asked him to join the thriving Stars & Friends group as a strong business leader, Fredi decided to take on this interesting but demanding challenge. As a meticulous business strategist and a cool and savvy person, Fredi is the perfect choice for running a soccer company aiming to be Europe’s leading agency.