Jürgen Werner

Consultant details

Jürgen Werner
Management / Advisor

Licensed players agent, business economist, former soccer player and multiple Austrian team player as well as co-founder of the Stars & Friends group; lives and works soccer like no one else.

– JÜRGEN – Born in Wels (Upper Austria) on December 3, 1961, father to a daughter. Born as a Sagittarius, shooting goals is a natural for him. In addition to his soccer career, his parents Franz and Helga Werner also placed great importance on his education, leading to Jürgen being Austria’s first academic soccer pro after going through elementary and secondary school and graduating in Business Economics in 1992. Played on the Austrian national team 14 times.

Professional career: 

  • 07/1980 – 06/1988 Soccer pro with SK VÖEST Linz
  • 07/1988 – 06/1989 Soccer pro with SK STURM Graz
  • 07/1989 – 06/1992 Soccer pro with SK VÖEST Linz
  • 07/1992 – 12/1992 Soccer pro with Los Angeles Soccer (USA)
  • 08/1997 – 01/1998 Soccer player under contract with Eintracht Wels

Management and sports marketing career:

  • 01/1993 – 08/1997 Manager with FC Linz
  • 01/1998 – 06/2000 Sports agency Jürgen Werner
  • Self-employed organization and marketing of the “Max Hallenfußball Cup” of the Austrian Soccer League. Introduction of 3D TV advertising with Spanish license.
  • 10/2000 –  09/2005 Founder and CEO of StarFactory Austria GmbH in Wels - with FIFA license.
  • 10/2005 – Change of name to Stars & Friends Austria Sportmanagement GmbH and development of an international players agents network.