History & network

Stars & Friends GmbH was created in 2005 from a merger between Star Factory, founded by J├╝rgen Werner in 1997, and Strunz & Friends GmbH. During the subsequent years, intense expansion took place and branch offices were opened in Slovakia, Norway and Hungary, as well as a stake being acquired in the Czech Sport Invest agencies with branches in Russia and England.

The Stars & Friends Group employs 40 employees in 2012 and looks after 300 players throughout Europe.


Our international network:

  • Stars & Friends International Holding GmbH

o   Stars & Friends Austria Sportmanagement GmbH

o   Stars & Friends Slovakia Sportmanagement s.r.o.

o   Stars & Friends Scandinavia AS

o   Stars & Friends Hungary

  •  Stake in

o   Sport Invest International a.s.